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1% Give Back

What is the 1% Give Back?

1% Give Back is a movement that many business owner's and people who find themselves making a large profit have been taking part in across the nation. It means that a company will give 1% each year to a charity of their choosing. Many are choosing environmental causes and calling it 1% Give Back for the Planet, but the cause can be whatever is important to the business owner. 1% may not seem like a lot to the one doing the donating, because it is only a small portion of your gross. However, it will feel like a windfall to the charity who needs to further important causes.

The math is simple, just one dollar for every one hundred dollars, ten for every thousand, one hundred for a hundred thousand. If you don't make a lot, you just give that one percent and still help your cause. If you do have a huge multi-million dollar profit as many business owners across the globe will, then the donation will be more substantial. It is a way to give back that is simple. If you are a business who wants to “share your upside” Then put this banner on your website to show your support and spread the word.

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